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Dr. Jim Bailey began coaching and counseling people about their work when his college students shared their struggles in academic advising sessions. There, he saw the real need for people of all ages to get clear, accurate information about the work they were made for. As a director of non-profits he saw the importance of employee-fit to work roles and an organization's culture, and learned how to maximize these. And, as researcher on mental health and work environments he learned the links between human personality, what we do, how we do it, and the role work plays in our identities and life satisfaction. Helping people build healthy vocational identities and work cultures, and live out of those, is his passion.

The son of a small business owner, Jim did "real work", cleaning the production floor and making deliveries, and learned business leadership by watching his dad manage sales and run the company. His career path eventually led him to earn a Ph.D. with a focus on organizational functioning and mental health. He's been a university professor and department head, held executive director positions with nonprofit organizations, and has been on and chaired several non-profit boards. He opened his private practice in 2006, doing business as Directions Consultation. Since then he’s provided career coaching and business personnel and leadership services to people who are passionate about maximizing their true selves in the workplace.

Married since 1989, his wife and he have two adult children. He fills his free time with hiking, cycling and home remodeling projects. Dr. Jim is on the Knoxville Young Life Committee and mentors college and 20-something aged men one-on-one and in a weekly small group bible study.





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