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Our society does a lousy job helping us determine what will make work fit us and the goals we have for our lives. Making decisions about which career to pursue, about changing the career path you’re on or how to make the job you’re in work better for you is hard. There are no One-Size-Fits-All self help websites or advice from family and friends that cut through the complexity of your decision making process.

Dr. Bailey uses a systematic approach to cut through the confusion and doubt of career choices. He gives you accurate information about who you are "work-wise", helps you determine the life you want, and gives you individualized guidance through the steps to the work and life you want to live

“I met with Dr. Jim when I was contemplating a career change. He helped me understand why my then-current career wasn’t a good fit and helped me understand the characteristics I should seek in a new career to better fit my personality and skills. Thanks to his guidance, I am now several years into a new career that I truly enjoy. I heartily recommend anyone who isn’t fulfilled in their career to take time to meet with Jim.”
— Chris, a married father of two

Dr. Jim offers everyone a free conversation so he can hear your story and see how he can help you.

What's holding you back?

Dr. Jim Bailey was an enormous help to me in a time when I felt trapped by a college degree in a field that I had no passion for. He listened to me vent, assured me that I was not crazy, and helped me explore several options for moving forward. Today I love my job, and I never would have had the courage to make a change without Jim’s advice and encouragement.
— Eli, a former student/client

Dr. Jim Bailey’s Career Coaching packages are tailored to suit your stage of life - Whether you are nearing the end of high school, entering the workforce or college, disillusioned with the career you chose, or starting a “new chapter” of your work life or retirement – Dr. Jim Bailey has helped hundreds of people understand who they are and where they fit in the work world, and then move from the anxiety of not knowing to the certainty of a career that fits them.

Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes