Dr. Jim Bailey
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Management & Leadership Coaching

Maximize Your Business and Your Impact.

Management and Leadership Coaching

Individualized to help You Succeed

Leading or managing an organization demands so many things of leaders, yet, you intuitively you know you can't be excellent at everything.  Dr. Bailey partners with you, the business leader, to help you:

  • Maximize what you bring to your organization.
  • Determine how to lead in ways that fit you and meet your organizational goals.
  • Determine what you must divest, delegate or outsource in order to become your "best self" in your role.
  • Optimize your organization's function and health.
  • Lighten your load by coaching your middle managers to optimize their performance and their departments.
  • Develop your own goals, aspirations, and strategies to make the most of your career.
  • By being a mentor, guide and ally with a goal to see you and your organization flourish.

“Leadership is a choice, not a position.” – Stephen Covey