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Coaching with Dr. Jim was a great experience. It really helped me understand myself better and I can now focus on my strengths and delegate my weaknesses. I’m much more effective in my role as Vice President.
— Chris, Operations V.P.


Dr. Jim Bailey knows first-hand the difficulties of owning and operating businesses and organizations. He's faced the challenges of getting (and keeping) good people in the right roles so your business thrives. He's helped companies like yours ensure employee buy-in, maximize employee potential and productivity, and develop the organizational culture you need to attain your departmental and company goals. Most of all, he knows how to equip and guide you to become the most effective manager possible.

Dr. Jim Bailey has a unique gift of helping a person discover who they really are. He helped me see the gifts that I possess and can offer as a friend, an employee, and now as a small business owner. Working with Jim changed my life for the better.
— Stacie, entrepreneur and writer



Learn how to maximize your strengths - Learn how to energize employees - Learn the qualities an employee needs to excel in a position

“The important thing is this: to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become.” – Charles Dickens