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A Special Note from a Friend - Your Child's Career

Although you might not think it, I rarely get a follow up report from clients about how things have gone since the time I worked with them. I don’t take the personally because it’s the nature of our world that everyone is busy, nor do I expect people to thank me for something they’ve paid me to provide. But every once in a while I get a note, a card, or a response on Facebook or LinkedIn that makes my day, week or month.

The other day I received such a gift. My friend Karen works for a wonderful multi-faceted ministry here in Knoxville (karm.org) and allowed me the privilege of helping her son a couple of years ago. I am so grateful when parents entrust their child (and a bit of their child’s future) to me. Below is the note I received from her on Facebook.

“A few years ago, when one of our sons was struggling with making a HUGE change in his college major...and future career...we sent him to Dr. Jim Bailey. At the end of those weeks together, our son had a much better understanding of how he was "wired," of his calling and career, and of how he wanted to live his life. He later said those sessions with Dr. Bailey were one of the best gifts we've ever given him. We couldn't agree more!”

Karen, thank you for this affirmation of what I hope to provide every client!


James Bailey