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A Special Gift for Your Student - Your Child's Career

I just got off the phone with a mom wanting to get her son some Career Coaching over the Christmas Holiday. Each year I try to give parents the opportunity to take advantage of their student’s holiday down time. As a parent I recall how my kid’s first few days of the Christmas break were full of time with friends, staying up late and sleeping in during high school and college, but after that my kids were often fighting boredom and looking for things to do.

So, last year I began offering my College and Career package for high school juniors, seniors and college students at a discounted rate for the holidays. It’s fun for me because I absolutely cram the holidays full of meetings with young people - something I truly enjoy - and it gives them an invaluable gift for Christmas. What could be a better gift for your child than a deeper understanding of who they are and where they fit in the world?

So, from now until Christmas I'm offering my full College and Career service for high school juniors, seniors and college students at 20% off the regular price. Contact me if you’re interested.

James Bailey